"Flies of Feather Craft" Stickers

Durable 4" X 6" oval vinyl stickers of the flies of Feather Craft for anywhere and everywhere you'd like to enjoy the beauty of Classic Salmon Flies: laptops, rod cases, car windows or bumpers, fly tying desk, office desk or filing cabinets, water bottles, etc., etc. 

Initially the Nelly Bl and Jock Scott are available. More will be added so check back often until all 16 patterns are ready. Future additions may be the bird illustrations - let me know which you'd like to have available..

Only $3.95 each with FREE shipping
Contact me by email to order. I will send a PayPal invoice and ship out as soon as payment is received.

NOTE: The stickers you receive do not have the M.C.F.T. watermark on the image.

Email is info@modernclassicsflytying.com

"Nelly Bly"

"Jock Scott"