Many feathers, alone or in groups, are an amazing work of art in their pattern and colors. These were my inspiration for writing the book. A lot of people have expressed their surprise at how many varied patterns and colors occur naturally. May thought the feathers used in the flies I tied were altered and colored artificially rather than exhibiting the natural beauty they come with courtesy on nature. 

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1) Lady Amherst Pheasant Cape

2) Lady Amherst Tail Spears

3) Lady Amherst back

4) Lady Amherst Flank

5) Lady Amherst Spears

6) Great Argus Center Tail

7) Great Argus Primary & 
Secondary Wings

8) Great Argus Primary Wings

9) Great Argus Primary Wing 
Close up

10) Great Argus Secondary Wings

11) Asian Kingfisher Flank & Wing

12) Banksian Red Tail Black Cockatoo Female Tails

13) Blue Chatterer (Cotinga)

14) Eastern Wild Turkey Tails

15) Eastern Wild Turkey 
Bronze Flank

16) Eurasian Jay Wing Coverts

17) Germain Peacock Pheasant

18) Golden Pheasant Cape

19) Golden Pheasant body

20) Golden Pheasant Tails

21) Grey Peacock Pheasant Body

22) Grey Peacock Pheasant

23) Grey Peacock Pheasant Tails

24) Impeyan Pheasant Neck

25) Jungle Cock Neck

26) Kori (Speckled) Bustard Wing

27) Lewis Pheasant Body

28) Blue & Gold Macaw Tails

29)Scarlet Macaw Body

30) Magnificent Riflebird Breast

31) Malayan Crested Fireback Pheasant Back

32) Malayan Peacock Pheasant

33) Nicobar Pigeon

34) Ocellated Turkey Tails

35) Palawan Peacock Pheasant Tail

36) Peacock Secondary Wing

37) Peacock Body

38) Peacock Tail

39) Peacock Tail pair

40) Java Green Peacock Crests

41) Resplendent Quetzal Body

42) Mountain (Rothchild's) Pheasant

43) Satyr Tragopan Pheasant Body

44) Satyr Tragopan Pheasant

45) Sebright Bantam 
Chicken Necks

46) Siamese Crested Fireback Pheasant Flank

47) Siamese Crested Fireback Pheasant Shoulder

48) Siamese Crested Fireback Pheasant "Fireback" Feather

49) Siamese Crested Fireback Pheasant Back

50) Silver Pheasant Wings

51) Silver Pheasant Body

52) Straw Necked Ibis Body

53) Swinhoe's Pheasant Body Patch

54) Swinhoe's Pheasant Body

55) Vulturine Guinea Neck

56) Vulturine Guinea Body

57) Western Tragopan Pheasant Body

58) African Emerald Cuckoo Body

59) Golden Pheasant Crests

60) Guinea Fowl Spotted Body

61) Lewis Pheasant Body

62) Classic Salmon 
Fly Tying Feathers

63) Impeyan Pheasant Back