Organizations to support:
    Audubon Society of Portland
    Kori Bustard Species Survival Program (Kori SSP)
    Native Fish Society
While still supporting the Native Fish Society, Bill Bakke is as of January 2017 with the Conservation Angler -  another great organization to support
The Conservation Angler
The Artist
Classic Salmon Fly Tying Resources
    ClassicFlyTying.Net Techniques, substitute ist and many more resources
    Michael Radencich  Books, videos and more. A Master tyer.
    Ronn Lucas, Sr. Hooks, materials, techniques. Classic and Modern patterns.
    The Classic Salmon Fly Great tyers and their flies. Many good pattern listings.
Material suppliers:
    Feathers MC Genuine and substitute materials
    A O Feathers Genuine and substitute materials
    Castle Arms Genuine materials
    Deschutes Angler Genuine and substitute materials
    Waters West Genuine and substitute materials