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See my article with step-by-step photos and descriptions for the 
"General Practitioner"
on the 
International Federation of Fly Fishers "Fly of the Month
in the January 2017 edition


Past Articles
Download articles I worte that were published in Flyfishing & Tying Journal magazine. Learn to tie Articulated Leeches for all species; Steelhead and Salmon wet and dry flies including the Muddler Minnow, Steelhead Bee, General Practitioner, and a Hairwing Silver Doctor. Complete material lists and full step-by-step instructions show how to make each type of fly.
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Classic Salmon Fly Body Dividers
Evenly divided bodies are a sign of a well-tied fly. Its tough to get by eye alone. Ruler and pen aren't any easier. Let geometry do the work for you. Just download, print out and follow the instructions for perfectly divided bodies on any fly or hook size. Each page includes dividers for 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 body sections. Simply cut apart each divider and you're ready to go.
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How to make the "Feather Sandwich" tool
This tool allows you to make great substitutes for Western Tragopan Pheasant body featehrs used in the "Black Argus" fly. You can also create good substitutes for Peacock Pheasant feathers for the "Leopard" and "Emerald Isles" patterns. 

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Fly pattern listings from my book "Feather Craft: the amazing birds and feathers used in Classic Salmon Fly Tying"
Click here to see the 16 flies tied for the book and get a free download with a large image of the finished fly and the pattern listing for each pattern. Be sure to buy the book to see the step-by=step tying instructions.